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InduSuite advanced welding and fabrication software solutions unlock your operational data for maximum productivity; no IT degree required.

InduSuite solutions include:

  • WeldCloud Productivity
  • WeldCloud Fleet
  • WeldCloud Notes
  • CutCloud
  • Columbus
  • OCTOPUZ Offline Robotic Programming (ORLP)

InduSuite is engineered to connect data, machinery, and processes to deliver an unequaled competitive advantage to operations of all sizes.

Indusuite applications offer:

  • Documentation and traceability support without spreadsheets
  • Productivity and consumption tracking to support users at various skill levels
  • Quality and validation capabilities to deliver consistent results
  • Equipment monitoring and remote programming to protect your assets
  • Fleet management and maintenance to prevent unscheduled downtime

Unlock your shop's true potential and put your data to work with InduSuite.

  • Indusuite applications future-proof your business with systemized operations and data management regardless of machinery brand.
  • Discover how indusuite can help you achieve your operational goals and download a demo today.