Conarco - an ESAB brand

Conarco is the largest manufacturer of welding consumables and equipment in the Argentine market, and a recognized industry leader across Latin America.

Conarco products include:

  • Bulk Wire
  • Electrodes 
  • Tubular Wires
  • Self-Shielded Cored Wires
  • Metal-Cored Wires
  • TIG Wires
  • Solid Wires
  • Fluxes and SAW Wires
  • Repair and Maintenance Consumables

Why Choose Conarco?

A History of Quality. Manufactured in our production plant located in Chascomús (Buenos Aires Province), Conarco consumables offer excellent welded metal properties in one of the widest portfolios for manual welding processes available.

Superior Performance in Challenging Environments. Conarco electrodes are manufactured to provide a smooth, stable arc with little spatter providing superior performance and tough mechanical properties in high or low temperature environments, high humidity jobsites or welding in the most challenging positions.

Consistency and Ease of Use. Conarco consumables are designed to deliver consistent results and are suitable for use by welders at every skill level.

Pack of Conarco electrodes

Conarco and Welding Education

In 1988 Conarco founded the Latin American Welding Foundation, a non-profit institution dedicated to developing and training welders and fabricators in the latest technological advances of the industry. The Institute provides both online and in-person training for welding professionals at all skill levels.