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Welding Head Saw
Bevel Cutting
A2S Mini Master
Multi-purpose means freedom of choice SAW is one of main features of the A2- system. The productivity and quality can be improved considerably by using a welding head with a twin wire kit (double wire).
Bevel Cutting
A6S Arc Master - a complete system for automatic submerged arc welding.
By investing in efficient and well proven submerged-arc welding equipment, profitability and productivity are sure to increase. A6S Arc Master offers flexibility, operational reliability and performance which are second to none.
Bevel Cutting
A6S SAW Strip Cladding Head
Highly alloyed materials, such as stain-less steel or nickel-base alloys, are needed in many applications to provide protection against corrosion. However, the comparatively high cost of these materials in many cases makes deposition of a protective layer on a less expensive load bearing mild or low alloy steel economically the most realistic alternative.
Bevel Cutting
OPC Basic & Super
Sturdy compact flux recovery units
The OPC flux recovery unit:
  • Is easy to operate
  • Has low maintenance
  • Improves the working environment
    • Uses only compressed air and is therefore safe to use
  • Can be easily integrated into a complete FFRS flux feeding and recovery system
Bevel Cutting FFRS 1200 and FFRS 3000
Bevel Cutting Flux Feed and Recovery Systems
Bevel Cutting Efficient Handling puts Economy into your Welding
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