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Orbital TIG Welding
A21 PRB / PRC / PRD 100 / PRD 160 / POC 12-60, Aristo Mech Tig 4000iw
The ESAB welding program for mechanised tube welding is based on the TIG welding method with a non-consumable tungsten electrode. To further improve weld quality and decrease costs, ESAB have developed microprocessor controlled power sources for orbital TIG welding, the Aristo MechTig 4000iw with control boxes Aristo MechControl 2 and 4.
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A21 PRB Welding head is compact and easy to use as a result of its unique pincer action, which reduces setting-up times to a minimum. The welding head is positioned and secured around the tube with great accuracy in seconds. The PRB welding heads are available in three sizes for tubes with outer diameters of 17 to 170 mm.
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A21 PRC Welding head has a weaving movement and arc voltage control, which produces higher productivity and better welding quality, particularly when welding thick-walled tubes.
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A21 PRD 100
A21 PRD 100 Welding head is designed for high precision, and quality. It is a TIG welding head for tubes with an outer diameter of 100 mm or higher. Due to compact design and low profile it requires only 73 mm clearance around the tube. This is water-cooled welding head usable up to 400A.
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A21 PRD 160
A21 PRD 160 is a water-cooled flexible pipe-welding head for pipes with an outer diameter of 160 mm or more. It consists of an articulated carriage that travels around the pipe on a rack adapted to match the diameter of the pipe. To ensure maximum flexibility it is built in modular form. A21
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A21 POC 12-60
A21 POC 12-60 is a welding head for tube-to-tube sheet TIG welding. It is a precision-built, robust and versatile welding head 12 to 60 (93) mm outer tube diameter. It has a very high centering accuracy and centering mandrels are available for inner tube diameters from 10 mm.
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Aristo MechTig 4000iw
Aristo MechTig 4000iw is designed to work together with the Aristo Mech Control 2 and 4. This is a 400A heavy-duty inverter based power source having compact design with outstanding welding characteristics. Connection cables up to 8m provide a working range of 16m.
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