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Metal identification chart
Magnet File Surface Colour Grinding sparks Metal type Welding tips


Dark grey Long Yellow lines Low carbon Cast steel  
Malt-grey cast iron colour Red feathery lines Cast iron Pre-heating Peening
Slow cooling
Hard Dark grey Long Yellowish- white lines with starts High carbon steel Low alloy steel Pre-heat heavy sections to 150°C
Shiny grey Yellowish-red coarse lines 13% Cr steel Can be pre-heated
Non-Magnetic Soft Bright silver-grey Yellowish-red coarse lines Austenitic stainless steel Low interpass
Reddish-yellow shiny No visible sparks Copper alloys Pre-heat coarse materials to 200-300°C
Shiny Very light No visible sparks Aluminium alloys Pre-heat coarse
materials to 150-200°C
Hard Matt-grey cast iron colour Yellowish-white lines and sparks 14% Mn steel Low interpass
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