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Rugged overlay alloy with tungsten carbide particles for maximum abrasion resistance
Esab Ruf-Kut deposits hard tungsten carbide in a tough but ductile nickel-silver matrix that results in maximum abrasion and impact resistance from media like sand, earth, gravel and other minerals. This gives rise to a superior cutting action.
The carbides are angular and varied in size embedded in the matrix, which resists extensive compressive stresses and impact loading.
High tensile strength and shear strength provides shockabsorbing characteristics. Good tinning qualities.
'Widely used in oil, earth moving, agriculture, dredging, brick and cement industries to overlay drills, reamers, stabilizers, core bits, augers, mill hammers, plough shares, dredge bucket lips, crusher rolls, mixer blades and pipe forming shoes.
Carbide hardness : 1500 VHN
Matrix hardness : 200 VHN
  • The surface should be cleaned and degreased
  • The surface is to be pre-tinned using the pure matrix end
  • A very large tip size to be used and the flame adjusted to neutral for heating the tinned area
  • The carbide-bearing end is introduced into the flame and the alloy is allowed to melt and flow on to the substrate. The temperature of bonding is 750- 800°C
  • The carbide deposition to be uniformly maintained by rotating the rod
  • The work should be continued to heat, slightly ahead of the overlay
  • Overheating is to be avoided
  • Cooling should be slow and the flux residue has to be removed
  -3.2 mm to + 1.5 mm
  -5.0 mm to + 3.2 mm
  -6.0 mm to + 5.0 mm
-10.0 mm to + 6.0 mm
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