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OK 21.03
Single Electrode for Cutting and Gouging Even Underwater
OK Selectrode 21.03 has a specially developed coating which produces a strong gas jet that blows away the molten material so that the electrode is absolutely suitable for gouging, cutting, chamfering, piercing, drilling holes. It can be used in all positions except in vertical up. Grooves are even and smooth and subsequent welding can follow without further preparation since the volume of slag is almost nil.
With this electrode, the cutting and gouging activity can be taken up without the necessity of any gas or special electrode holder.
  • Roaring arc force
  • Thinner coating than other gouging electrodes - better positional properties
  • Excellent performance even under water
  • Sharp and clean kerfs
Cutting, chamfering, gouging, and piercing of steel, cast iron, copper and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys, manganese, stainless steel, zinc, nickel and its alloys. Used for beveling, for joint preparation, gouging of cracks and back gouging of root runs especially when welding of steel structures, storage tanks, etc. and for removal of unnecessary metal in castings.
  • Strike arc perpendicular to work piece
  • Tilt the electrode at 10-15° and push forward
  • Move the electrode sequentially up and down to melt and remove metal
Size (mm) Length (mm) Current Range (Amp)
3.15 300 160-180
4.00 350 220-270
5.00 350 240-320
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