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The cutting, gouging and piercing by means of shielded metal arc welding principles is a flexible and economic method of removing metal. The process does not require any compressed air, gas or any type of special electrode holder as standard equipment can be used.
The coating on cutting and gouging electrodes develops a strong gas jet, which blows away the molten material. These electrodes are excellent for preparation prior to repair of cast iron. The jet drives out and burns away impurities and/or graphite on the surface and thus reduces the risk of cracking and porosity when welding later. Gouging of manganese steel can also be suitably done.
For gouging normally AC or DC- should be used, whereas for cutting and piercing DC+ is recommended. The arc is struck holding the electrode at 90° to the workpiece. Once the arc is ignited, the electrode has to be pointed in the appropriate direction at 5-1 0° to the job surface and pushed in the forward direction. A to-andfro motion has to be maintained to carryon with the cutting or gouging action. For piercing, the arc has to be struck in a vertical position and the electrode pushed down to penetrate through the material. The electrode is manipulated with a sawing motion to enlarge the bore.
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