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Cobalarc - the future of hardfacing. This range of tubular electrodes gives a host of advantages over conventional coated electrodes in respect of hardfacing applications owing to its unique features.
  • The prime weapons that provide the hardness in hardfacing deposits are the metallic and non metallic carbides. In coated electrodes, the carbides are formed at the time of welding. Carbides, preformed, cannot be used in these electrodes because the high hardness renders them difficult to produce. But, Cobalarc electrodes have the advantage that the preformed carbides are put inside a hollow mild steel tube
  • In hardfacing controlling the heat input is important because greater dilution will lower the hardness of the deposit. In this respect, Cobalarc gives a major headway because only a thin walled tube has to be melted instead of a solid wire. So the heat requirement will be considerably less and automatically the heat input will really be low
  • The low heat input also reduces the heat-affected zone in the base metal
  • Cobalarc provides economy as the total loss involves only butt end loss and very negligible slag loss. Moreover, the butt end does not contain any carbide inside - it is only the hollow tube that is lost, so the actual loss is even lower
  • The slag formation is very small in Cobalarc. So the welder can apply the next run without wasting any time for deslagging. This gives an immense advantage of speed and productivity. So in 1 hour of arcing, Cobalarc gives 2-2.5 times the weight of deposit than coated hardfacing electrodes
  • A near absence of slag does not mean that Cobalarc deposits are exposed to the atmosphere for oxidation. The outer coating contains ingredients that burn in the welding arc and generate copious amount of fumes, which provides the shielding to the weld pool
  • This outer coating has one more function. Since it contains non-hygroscopic stabilizers the mild steel tube is free from rusting giving these electrodes an indefinite shelf life. The rigid tube also protects the preformed carbides from degeneration over time
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