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CPRA 1000T / 1200T+SAW Tractor THY
Fully Thyristorised Heavy Duty SAW & Gouging
SAW process produces the highest quality welds at speeds higher than MMA or MIG process. Standard single wire SAW can deposit up to 5 kg/hr and automatic multi-wire technique can reach much higher levels
CPRA 1000-T/ 1200 –T
are reliable power sources offered with AWM (LW) tractor for single wire SAW applications.
CPRA 1000-T / 1200-T
  • Rugged construction
  • Rubberized wheels for ease of mobility
  • For applications up to 1000A / 1200A max
  • Precise voltage control
  • Mains voltage compensation
  • Protection against thermal overloading
Auto Weld Major (LW)
  • Reliable wire feeding
  • 4 wheel tractor mounted with 2m track
  • Up to 1200A max applications
  • Mechanical pointer for tracking
  • Wire inch up / down
Technical Data CPRA 1000-T CPRA 1200-T
Power Source    
Mains supply, Ph x V, Hz 3 x 415, 50 3 x 415, 50
Fuse rating at 415V, A (Max) 100 125
Input power kVA (Max) 66 82
Open circuit voltage, V DC 59 59
Welding current range 300 A /32 V
-1000 A/44 V
300 A /32V
-1200 A /44 V
Welding current at 60% duty cycle, A 1000 1200
Welding current at 100% duty cycle, A 850 950
Insulation class F F
Type of cooling Forced Air Forced Air
Dimensions, l x w x h, mm 830 x 670 x 1400 830 x 670 x 1400
Weight, Kg 440 440
Welding Head Auto Weld Major (LW)
Wire (single) diameter range, mm 2.4 – 5.0 (Standard), 6.3 (Optional)
Wire feed speed, cm/min 50 – 450
Welding current, A 1200 max (800A continuous)
Vertical adjustment, mm 140
Horizontal adjustment, mm 140
Swivel arrangement, Deg 360°
Torch tilt, Deg ± 45°
Speed range of tractor, cm/min 0 – 150
Hopper capacity, Kg 5
Wheel center of tractor, cm 350
Dimension, l x w x h, mm 1368 x 410 x 1145
Ordering Information  
CPRA 1000-T 4620649500
CPRA 1200-T 4620649600
Auto Weld Major (LW) THY 4620652737
Track for Auto Weld Major (LW) 4621649351
SAW TRACTOR LW is supplied with 2m track, 1 set of control cable, 1 pair of Cu 70 sq mm welding cable (each 15m in length) and 1 pair of 5m long Cu 70 sq mm welding cable with Earth Clamp.
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