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Welding Cables
  • Harmonised Welding Cable with general purpose Rubber Sheathing as Type SE 1NBR - PVC HOFR Sheathing as Type SE 3 to IS : 6380 / 84
  • Conductor resistance in accordance to IS : 8130 / 84
  • Conductor resistance factor at +20°C - see technical catalogue
  • Admissible working temperature at the conductor
    General Purpose : + 80°C
    HOFR/NBR - PVC Type : +100°C
  • Plain / Tinned annealed Copper / Plain Aluminium conductor extra fine stranded & bunched in accordance to IS : 8130 / 84
  • Melinex tape used as separator over the conductor for better electric conductivity
  • Rubber/ NBR jacketing as per IS : 6380 / 84
  • With marking of brand name & cross section on each mtr.
  • Testing of cable carried out as per IS : 9857 / 90 at our in house facility
  • Standard 100 mtr. length supplied in a ecofriendly fibre drum
  • Rubber insulated flexible welding cable are used to connect Welding Machine & for better welding proficiency
  • Used in Automabile industries, Shipbuilding, Transport, Steel Plants, Railways, Refineries, Oil fields, Automatic Welding Robots, Construction,
    Coal Mines etc.
  • The robust construction makes these cables highly durable
  • Coiled welding cable must always be spread out before using to avoid overheating in use
  • Cables must not be spliced within 10 feet of the holder
  • Welding cable must never be coiled or looped around the body of the worker
  • Cables with damaged insulation must be replaced
Cable Welding CU (35 Sq. mm.) 4600600161
Cable Welding CU (50 Sq. mm.) 4600600162
Cable Welding CU (70 Sq. mm.) 4600600163
Cable Welding CU (95 Sq. mm.) 4600600164
Cable Welding CU (120 Sq. mm.) 4600600165
Cable Welding CU (50 Sq. mm.) HOFR 4600600166
Cable Welding CU (70 Sq. mm.) HOFR 4600600167
Cable Welding CU (95 Sq. mm.) HOFR 4600600170
Cable Welding AL (70 Sq. mm.) 4600600168
Cable Welding AL (120 Sq. mm.) 4600600169
Cable Welding AL (70 Sq. mm.) HOFR 4600600171
Cable Welding AL (120 Sq. mm.) HOFR 4600600172
Electrode Holders & Clamps
Holder Handycool HC 600
This is crocodile style type 'B' electrode holder, which is made from black phenolic resin insulated jaws and black DMC handle. This holder is fully insulated for extra safety and brass jaws ensures good contact. It is suitable for cables up to Al 120 sq. mm. / Cu 70 sq. mm. and used in heavy duty welding application.
Handicool HC 600, 600A 2002001001
Holder Confort 600
An open head style type 'B' electrode holder with fully insulated head to resist spatter and sturdy handle, made of fibre glass poly amide 66 - 33 for heavy duty application. Insulation resistant above 1 M Ω Dielectric strength up to 3000 volts. This holder is suitable for cables up to Al 120 sq. mm. / Cu 70 sq. mm. and CE certified as per European standard EN 60974 -11.
Confort 600, 600A 2002001002
Heavy Duty Earth Clamp 600
An earth clamp made of zinc coated steel with copper plated jaws and suitable copper mesh that provides good contact with the work piece. Jaw opening is up to 60mm. and is suitable for heavy duty application.
Heavy Duty Earth Clamp, 600A 2002002001
Magnetic Earth Clamp 600
Magnetic earth clamp with strong gripping power that permits attachment to any ferrous object. These clamps provide a large contact area with less overheating - thanks to fewer junctions. Flat edges ensure perfect grip on the job and strong handle to pull it out easily. Magnetic earth clamp is very convenient to place anywhere and start welding instantly.
Magnetic Earth Clamp, 600 A 2002002002
Helmets, Masks and Screens
Origo™- Tech 9-13
The new stylish high-tech helmet design from ESAB. The new shell is available in striking high gloss colour, ‘Yellow’. The
helmet features the ESABcomfort headgear, whilst the light weight shell offers superior face, head, ear & neck protection, which allows for welding in all positions. The ESAB variable shade ADF uses the latest technology and has proven reliability. The ADF is screw retained and sits in a fully moulded light seal cradle, which also creates a slight convex curve on the front spatter lens for extra security and strength. The Helmet is delivered in an ESAB display box, fully assembled and ready to use.
Origo™-Tech 9-13 Helmet
The Origo™-Tech 9-13 features an external shade adjustment between DIN 9 and DIN 13. The delay and sensitivity can be adjusted from inside. The Origo™-Tech 9 - 13 is suitable for MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG (over 20 amps).
Origo™-Tech 9 - 13 Helmet 2001001001
Eco-Arc Welding Helmets
The new Eco-Arc is the latest design in flip front passive welding helmets. With a light weight Poly Propylene shell and outstanding facial protection, the helmet is suitable for all position welding. The helmet also adopts the new Eco Headgear with 4 rake positions and 3 longitudinal adjustment positions for precise nose to shell adjustment.The helmet is supplied complete with outer protection lens, shade 11 mineral glass and the unique large internal protection glass.
Eco Arc Helmet (83 x 108mm) 2001001003
Hand Shield Armour
Flat fronted, flame retardant hand shield made from glass filled nylon having 1.8 mm shell thickness, weighing only 480 gms. This hand shield have a concealed handle with good thumb grip facility to protect hand. Lens aperture 83 x 108mm (4¼ ” x 3¼ ”).
Hand Shield Armour (83 x 108mm) 2001001004
Respiratory Equipment
ESAB always recommend the use of a full respiratory system for maximum protection against welding fume. For the ultimate protection and for use in the most aggressive of welding environments, ESAB offer Origo™ Air.
Origo™ Air
The Origo Air is a battery powered respiratory unit is designed to fit the Origo-Tech welding helmets. The unit provides clean/filtered air to increase the comfort and safety for the welder. The Origo Air is delivered complete with an 8-hour battery, P3 filter, comfort pad, waist belt and an air hose with a Proban hose cover fitted. This unit is supplied with an intelligent charger, which ensures a prolonged life time of the battery, by reducing the risk of over charging. The Origo Air is equipped with a low flow alarm, which will give an audible signal when the filter is blocked or the battery power is running low. The complete system is comfortable, lightweight and durable.
Origo Air Complete including Air Hose 2001002001
Origo™-Tech 9-13 Helmet for Air
The Origo™-Tech 9-13 features an external shade adjustment between DIN 9 and DIN 13. The delay and sensitivity can be
adjusted from the inside. The Origo™-Tech 9-13 is suitable for MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG (over 20 amps). Now this helmet is
ready to fit in Origo Air Unit.
Origo Tech 9-13 Helmet for air 2001001002
Filtair Disposable Masks
The ESAB Filtair series has been developed to improve the comfort of disposable respirators whilst maintaining an excellent face fit. Colour coding the range makes identification simple when varying levels of protection may be required. The mesh shell supports the filter media and prevents collapse onto the face and the preformed nose bridge provides comfortable fit eliminating constant adjustment. The filters use the latest filter technology to promote low breathing resistance and are approved to EN149:2001(meeting the 120mg load testing). The Filtair is available as a pre-moulded and flat version. Depending on the protection level needed and the breathing resistance some models are equipped with a valve. All the masks are fitted with buckle fastening which also allows the wearer to adjust the straps accordingly
Magnetic Earth Clamp, 600 A 2002002002
ESAB Filtair Flat A-1
This mask provide P1 protection and is suitable to wear duringgeneral dusty duties.
ESAB Filtair Flat P1 ‘White’ 2001002002
ESAB Filtair Flat A-2CV
This mask provide P2 protection and is equipped with a valve to reduce heat and moisture build up inside the respirator. The carbon layer takes out bad odours. Suitable to wear during welding, brazing,soldering, painting (brush applied), gluing
(brush applied) and polyester resins (hand mix).
ESAB Filtair Flat P2CV ‘Grey’ 2001002003
Spectacles, Gogg le s & Visors
ESAB Eco Safety Spectacles
These stylish spectacles are used for drilling, chipping and metalworking, they have a sporty style and are extremely lightweight. Available in two different lens configurations. All lens configurations provide protection against dangerous UV radiation. CE approved according to EN 166-F.
ESAB Eco Smoked
The smoked lens is suitable when working in strong ambient light.
ESAB Eco Smoked 2001003003
ESAB Eco Amber
The Amber (yellow lens) enhances the light. This is suitable when the ambient light is not sufficient.
ESAB Eco Amber 2001003004
ESAB Eco Clear
The clear lens is suitable when working indoors, providing general eye protection.
ESAB Eco Clear 2001003005
ESAB Goggles & Visors
ESAB Face Shield
Safety face shield is made of 1.8 mm thick, 7” long & 14 wide colourless, transparent acrylic. This tilting visor is to protect
forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth from flying particles, sprays or splashes of hazardous liquids.
Face Shield 2001003001
ESAB Welding Goggle
New snugfit PVC make one piece Bocal type protective goggle with ventilators, holding rings with clear lense for gas welding, brazing and gas cutting.
Welders Goggle FG2 2001003002
Welding Curtains
Welding Curtains
Three colour types are available and all three can be supplied as standard curtains. The self-extinguishing material provides good protection from dangerous welding radiation. The curtains are equipped with press-studs for easy, strong fastening and they are folded at the top and the bottom to withstand harsh use. All approved according to prEN 1598. The mounting rings come in a package of seven, which is enough to mount any of the curtains (supplied in a standard length of 1.8m x 1.4m). Rings are included when ordering any of the curtains.
Welding curtain, Dark Red 2001004001
Welding curtain, Green Transparent 2001004002
Welding curtain, Dark Green (DIN 9) 2001004003
Welding strip curtain,
dark red, 1.8 x 1.4m
Welding strip curtain,
green transparent (DIN 6),1.8 x 1.4m
Welding strip curtain,
dark green (DIN 9), 1.8 x 1.4m
Welding Gloves
Welding Gloves MIG/MAG/MMA & General Handling
Test against mechanical stress such as abrasion, cut, tear and puncture.
Test for thermal performance such as exposure to an open flame, contact heat, convective heat, radiant heat, small and large splashes of molten metal.
Welding Hand Gloves
A welding glove made of hard-wearing, heat resisting chrome leather, fully lined and KEVLAR stitched. This glove is used
for MIG/ MAG/MMA welding.
Welding Hand Gloves 2001005001
Heavy Duty Hand Gloves
A hard wearing working glove made of heavy duty chrome leather with comfort lining and rubberised cuff. This glove is used for general working and handling purpose.
Heavy Duty Hand Gloves 2001005002
TIG Professional Hand Gloves
High dexterity, gunn cut, soft nappa grain leather TIG welders gauntlet, with 15 cm heat resisting chrome leather cuff. KEVLAR stitched.
TIG Professional Hand Gloves 2001005003
Welding Clothing
Welding Aprons
Esab protective aprons are made of superior quality split leather and distribute the weight effectively. They are KEVLAR stitched and re-inforced with rivets. Leather straps are provided for strength.
Welding Apron 2001007001
Welding Sleeve
Split leather sleeves are KEVLAR stitched and with a total length of 47 cm. Equipped with elasticated cuff, comfortable knitted wrist and velcro arm fastener.
Welding sleeve 2001007002
Welding Leg Guard
Esab welding leg guards are made of high quality split leather to protect the footwear during welding. The leg guards are KEVLAR stitched, fastened using velcro and 15 cm long.
Welding Leg Guard 2001007003
Welding Blankets
The ESAB Welding blankets are produced using heat and flame resistant fabrics. The blankets provide excellent protection from grinding/welding sparks, slag and drops of molten metal. ESAB offer a wide range of blankets with different characteristics and in many different sizes. The blankets are colour coded.
When selecting the most suitable blanket for the application, the following factors should be considered :
  • Positioning of the blanket - Sparks hitting a blanket, which is positioned horizontally, will put extra stress on the material and a stronger and more heat resistant blanket should be used
  • Work application - For light duty welding or cutting a thinner and less heat resistant blanket can be used. For heavy duty welding or cutting when the blanket is exposed to drops of molten metal then a more durable blanket should be used
  • Flexibility - The weight of the blanket indicates how flexible the fabric is. A blanket of less weight
    makes it easier to protect small pipes and components where it’s necessary to wrap the blanket
Safety Footwear
ESAB Safety Shoe
EN compliant Safety Footwear for General Engineering, Chemical, Cement, Construction & ServiceIndustry. Breathable Full Grain Leather Upper, Comfortable, Elegant. Light Weight. Imported MeshLining. Imported 200 joules Steel Toe cap EN 12568. Moulded full socks. Direct Injected lightweightPU Sole. Penetration Resistant steel Mid Sole. Antistatic. Slip Resistant (SRA Compliant). Meet EN 345 / IS 15298 (II) which gives the following guidelines :
Key to symbols :
Safety Basic to EN345 200 joules toe protection
Safety Basic, antistatic and energy absorbing heel
Steel Midsole
ESAB safety shoe, size 5 2001006001
ESAB safety shoe, size 6 2001006002
ESAB safety shoe, size 7 2001006003
ESAB safety shoe, size 8 2001006004
ESAB safety shoe, size 9 2001006005
ESAB safety shoe, size 10 2001006006
ESAB safety shoe, size 11 2001006007
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