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Origo™Arc 410C/650C/810C
Heavy Duty Switching Converter
Robust and Powerful
The Origo™ Arc 410c, 650c and 810c are sturdy and robust switching converter (chopper) power sources intended for manual heavy duty MMA welding with coated electrodes, TIG welding and Air Carbon Arc Gouging.
Well proven technology with a high level of reliability , outstanding weld performance, a strong metal housing and large wheels for ease of handling, make this range of machines ideal for use in the toughest of industrial environments.
Easy to use
The wide current range of the Origo™ Arc makes it easy to optimise settings, allowing the machine to be used with an extensive range of filler materials. These units are equipped with such functions as hot start, arc force and anti stick. It is also possible to adjust parameters during welding process.
The units have vertical static characteristics which means that regardless of cable length and arc voltage, the current remain constant.The dynamic characteristics of the Origo™ Arc range ensures stable, spatter free arc and an easily controlled molten pool. Due to the high power factor, energy consumption is low and installation costs can be kept to a minimum.
The welding properties of these units are configured to meet the requirements of welding with celluloid electrodes. The arc is very flexible when starting from the lowest currents.
When the arc is shortened arc force makes weld penetration easier, especially when the electrode is pressed against the welded material.
The Origo™ Arc 410c, 650c and 810c are available with control panels A11or A12. The panel A11 is a basic solution with only current, hot start and arc force settings. The panel A12 is a full version with a V/A instrument and a receiver for wireless current setting.
As an option the Origo™ Arc range can be equipped with remote control.
The units are switched off automatically in case of overheating. They also conform to both EN 60974-1 and EN 60974-10
  • General fabrication and civil construction
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Power generation
  • Pipelines
  • Shipbuilding and offshore
  • Process industry
Quality accessories for the quality welder
ESAB offers a wide range of accessories. The complete range, along with product information, is available at our local web-sites, look at www.esab.com or contact your local ESAB dealer.
  • Outstanding welding characteristics - High efficiency and high quality welding.
  • Wide current and voltage range - Multiple purpose applications
  • Mains voltage compensation - Stable welding controls
  • AStepless current control - Exact settings with optional remote control facilities
  • Best for cellulose electrodes
  • Hot start, arc force and anti stick
  • Digital instrument
Technical Data Origo Arc 410c Origo Arc 650c Origo Arc 810c
Mains voltage V, 3~50 Hz 415 415 415
Permitted load at
35% duty cycle, A/V
60% duty cycle, A/V
100% duty cycle, A/V

400 A / 36V
310 A / 33V
240 A /30V

400 A / 36V
490 A / 40V
400 A / 36V

800 A / 44V
630 A / 44V
500 A / 40V
Setting range (DC) 20A/20V - 400 A/36V 20A/20V - 650 A / 44V 20A/20V - 800 A / 44V
Open circuit voltage 56V 56V 56V
Open circuit power 390W 510W 520W
Power factor at maximum current 0,9 0,9 0,9
Efficiency at maximum current 0,74 0,77 0,76
Dimensions lxwxh 1310 x 800 x 780 mm 1310 x 800 x 780 mm 1310 x 800 x 780 mm
Weight 157 kg 223 kg 245 kg
Operating temperature -10 till +40°C -10 till +40°C -10 till +40°C
Enclosure class IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Application classification S S S
Ordering Information  
OrigoT Arc 410c, A12 1620607606
OrigoT Arc 650c, A12 1620607607
OrigoT Arc 810c, A12 offshore 1620607608
Optional accessories  
N02 Remote control unit wireless on request
MMA 1 Remote control, 10 m 1620607337
MMA 2 Remote control, 10 m 1620607338
AT1 Remote control 1620607334
AT1 Coarse-fine Remote control 1620607335
Remote interconnection cable 5 m analogue 12 pole 1620607347
Remote interconnection cable 10 m analogue 12 pole 1620607348
Remote interconnection cable 15 m analogue 12 pole 1620607349
Remote interconnection cable 25 m analogue 12 pole 1620607350
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