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Transformers for Industrial and Fematic Welding
  • Outstanding Quality
  • High Capacity
  • Excellent Welding Properties
  • Sturdy Design
  • Exceptional Reliability
THH 630
is manual welding transformers for industrial use with coated electrodes featuring high capacity and excellent welding properties. The high open circuit voltage ensures easy striking and re-striking action. Due to the high permitted loads, these transformers are ideal for Fematic welding.
Adjustment of Welding Current
Single stepless range with clearly visible indicator on the front panel.
Phase Compensation
THH 630 is available with or without phase compensation. Phase compensation may sometimes prove to be a good investment as the primary current and the rated output can often be reduced, resulting in reduced fuse size and cable diameter.
THH 630 as standard is provided with wheels and handle. For transport with lift-truck or crane, the transformers are also provided with lifting eyes.
Technical Data Transweld THH630
Voltage (V) 415V x 2
Primacy Current (A) 75 (without Capacitors)
64 (with Capacitors)
Fuse Slow Blow (A) 100
Cable (mm2) 3 x 35
Welding Current Range 90 A / 24 V
630 A / 44 V
Open circuit voltage
50 Hz
73-80 V
Permitted load
at 100% duty cycle
at 60% duty cycle
at 35% duty cycle
380 A / 35 V
500 A / 40 V
630 A / 44 V
Power factor at 150 A
With capacitors (Phase comp)
Without capacitors
0, 7
0, 4
50 Hz
0, 85
Open circuit rating 0.7 kw
Weight 210 kg
Protection form IP 23
Cooling AF
Dimensions, W x D x H, mm 675 x 820 x 1050
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