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LAB 4000
Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic MIG / MAG Welding Equipment
LAB 4000
are power sources of high efficiency constant voltage stepless control designed for MIG (aluminum, copper), MAG (carbon steels), and Cored Wires with gas-shielded protection or self-protected.
  • High efficiency power source with constant voltage characteristic
  • The sets are composed of power sources of constant voltage that provide great stability of the arc
  • Operate in Short-circuit, Globular and Spray transfers
  • Servo-III wire feeders allows linear speed control to a max of 22 Meters / Min
  • Variable inductance for welding in short-circuit (CO2 or mixture) minimizes the occurrence of splatter and makes the opening of the arc easier
  • Digital voltage and weld current display keeps the values after the welding
  • Continuous adjustment of the arc voltage (without plugs or switches) assures broad range of control for a better arc stability
  • Efficient cooling system assured by powerful fan
Technical Data Lab 4000
Max. output 360A
Open circuit voltage (V) 17-44
Output range (A/V) 40A/16V-360A/32V
Duty cycle (%) 100 80 60
Welding current (A) 250 280 320
Voltage (V) 26 28 30
Input power 3 phase 415V 50Hz
Nominal apparent power (KVA) 11.5
Temperature class Class "H"
Enclosure class protection IP22
Dimensions (W x L x H) mm 8 85x505x1065
Weight (kg)


Wire feeder Servo-III
Wire speed range 1.0 to 22.0 m/min
Wire diameter (mm) Solid carbon steel/stainless/low alloy 0.6 - 1.2
Flux Cored 1.2
Aluminum/copper 1.2
Burn-off time: Pre-fixed at 0.5 sec
Weight without wire spool 11 Kg
Interconnection 5M - cable-hose set standard
Torches PSF 405/3M as standard
Accessories Inlet gas hose-1.5M
CO2 gas regulator
CO2 heater 150W/110V-standard
Optional Welding earth cable with clamp-3M
Input power cable-3M
Teflon liner for aluminum
Ordering Information  
LAB4000 power source
Servo-III feeder with 5M connection
MIG torch PSF405/3M

46F 0605 320
CO2 heater 110V 46F 0808 001
CO2 regulator (ICO32B) 46F 0809 001
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