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Caddy® Mig C160i / 200i
Portable MIG/MAG welding unit with built-in wire feeder for 200 mm spools
Caddy® C160i is used for MIG/MAG welding of mild steels for repair, maintenance and assembly work. This easy to use and powerful unit, offers excellent welding properties and is easy to take along to the job at hand. Great if you are welding in the workshop or on the move.
Advanced design gives you options
Advanced and modern materials provide, lightweight, durable and impact resistant housing with inbuilt cable wraps for ease of transportation. The low weight of 11.4 kg makes easy to move to different indoor or outdoor worksites.
The performance of this unit makes it a superb choice for mild steel welding applications. Perfect for tradesmen working with repair, maintenance or assembly work in the workshop, outdoors or at different sites. Single phase mains connection makes it easy to find a electricity supply. Works equally as well when powered by a portable generator.* The Caddy Mig C160i has optimized per-formance for welding with 0.8 mm wire on mild steels using solid or cored wires.
Trolley - for easier transport of gas bottle and Caddy® Mig.
Automatic function and simplicity
With Caddy Mig C160i you only need to set the plate thickness before starting to weld. Hotter or colder welds can easily be obtained by using the heat adjustment knob.
*To obtain full output use a 5.5 Kva portable generator with automatic voltage regulation
More welding power than ever before
The PFC (power factor correction) gives 30 % more welding power from the same fuse size.
More welding power than ever before
The PFC (power factor correction) gives 30 % more welding power from the same fuse size.
Caddy Mig C160i has an efficient built-in inverter power source. Inside the side panel there is a wire feeder as well as space for the wire spool.
Spool type needed
Wire spool size: inner diameter 51 mm, external diameter 200 mm and width 55 mm.
Recommended wires/gas
ESAB's OK Autrod 12.51 diameter 0.8 mm, for welding mild steels. A high quality copper coated wire for excellent mild steel welding results.
ESAB's Coreshield 15, diameter 0.8 mm, for welding mild steels. A cored wire that builds a slag protection and therefore needs no gas to weld a large variety of mild steels. Change polarity for best result.
Angled panel, shelf for wear parts & tools, grooves for cables and torch storage under transport are just a few design features to simplify your work
Wear parts, torch MXL180
  • Repair, maintenance or assembly work
  • Agricultural applications
  • Auto-repair
  • Light metal fabrication
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Household and furniture
  • Tack welding
  • Use with an automatic voltage regulated generator
Quality accessories for the quality welder
ESAB offers a wide range of accessories. The complete range, along with product information, is available at our local web-sites, look at www.esabindia.com or contact your local ESAB dealer.
  • Easy to use - Set material thickness and start welding
  • The low weight and small size makes it easy to get to the worksite, indoors or outdoors
  • Has PFC (power factor correction) and complies to European "Harmonics" demands = uses energy efficiently
  • Polarity change = possibility to use gasless cored wire
  • Fitted with ESAB high quality MXL180 torch, 3 m long
  • Tack welding
  • Optimized for 0.8mm mild steel wires
Technical Data Caddy Mig C160i Caddy Mig C200i
Mains voltage, V/Ph Hz 230 230 1ph 50/60 +-15%
Fuse (slow), A 16 16
MCB No Yes
Mains cable, Ø mm 1.5 1.5
Maximum welding output 160 Amps 200 Amps
Permitted load, at 40oC
25% duty cycle, A/V
35% duty cycle, A/V
100% duty cycle, A/V


180 /23
Setting range, A 30-160 30-200
Open circuit voltage, V 60 60
Wire feed speed, m/min 2 – 11 2 – 12
Max. size of the wire reel, mm (kg) 200 (5) 200 (5)
Open circuit power, W 15 15
Power factor at maximum current 0.99 0.99
Efficiency at maximum current, % 82% 82%
Dimensions lxwxh, mm 449x198x347 449x198x347
Weight with torch & cables, kg 11.4 11.5
Enclosure class IP23C IP23
Application class S S
Standards IEC/EN 60974-1,
EN 60974-05,
EN 60974-10
Operating temperature, °C -10 to +40 -10 to +40
Ordering information    
Description code  
Caddy® Mig C160i, 1ph 230V 1620607612  
Delivery content: 3 m torch, 3 m mains cable with plug. 4,5 m gas hose with hose clamp and quick connector, return cable with clamp, simple shoulder strap, fitted wear parts in torch/feeder (for 0,8 mm wire) and instruction manual. 1 kg OK Autrod 12.51, 0.8 mm is also included.
Optional – part numbers    
Feed roller with groove 0349 311 890  
Pressure roller 0349 312 062  
Inlet nozzle, in feeder 0455 049 002  
Gas nozzle (1) 0700 200 054  
Contact tip (2) for 0.8mm wire 0700 200 064  
Nozzle spring (3) 0700 200 078  
Steel liner (4) for 0.8mm wire 0700 200 085  
Tip adapter(5) 0700 200 072  
Standard with shoulder strat
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