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ESAB is a world leader in many areas of the welding and cutting industry and is often benchmarked by its competitors for innovation, product quality and service. We believe that our market position is the result of our customers' appreciation of our total performance and we view our competitors' comparative advertising as an acknowledgement of our strength and market leadership.
Some of our competitors have adopted the practice of comparing their products to ESAB's products. Due to ESAB's core values of honesty, ethics and integrity, it is not in our culture to conduct aggressive competitor product comparisons and denigration to boost sales. It is well known to welding experts, that test results can be greatly influenced by the test procedures and equipment configurations.
ESAB's strategy is to focus on our customer needs and to focus our energies and expertise to improve our customers' productivity and competitiveness. It is our firm belief that it is the customers' views and comparisons that really matter as validated by external third parties.
Through independent research, customers in the welding industry rates ESAB for its excellence in welding consumables customer service, globally. Similar independent research has also shown that ESAB is regarded by customers as their best partner for "undisputed products and services".
Visitors to the recent Essen Schweissen & Schneiden welding & cutting show would have directly witnessed ESAB's customer and productivity focus and experienced ESAB's values of openness, care, trust, environmental awareness, quiet confidence and inner strength.
Unless our customers direct us otherwise, ESAB will continue to avoid public direct competitor product comparisons.
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