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Environmental Health & Safety Policy
As a world leading manufacturer of welding consumables, welding equipment, and cutting systems, we shall, in all our operations:
Continuously improve our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) performance by conserving natural resources, preventing pollution and providing safe workplaces and products
Ensure that our facilities and products meet or exceed applicable governmental requirements and ESAB standards
Use a life cycle approach in our efforts to minimize the EHS impact of our products and services, from the extraction of raw materials to product end of life
Educate, motivate and engage our employees to contribute to our EHS commitment and to comply with this policy
Encourage our contractors, suppliers and consultants to adhere to the same standards we do
Openly communicate our EHS performance and participate in external initiatives that improve our knowledge and performance
Ensure prompt reporting of any incidents, adequate monitoring and measurement of our EHS performance and regularly provide assurance that our processes and management systems are working effectively
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